About M5

Elevating Dealership Success Since 2009, M5 has a Proven Legacy of Excellence in Automotive Consulting

The History of M5

In 2009, M5 Management Services was born from a group of dedicated professionals who had previously worked with another consulting company. The timing, admittedly, wasn’t ideal to launch a consulting firm within the automotive industry, given the challenging economic climate. The early days were marked by cautious optimism, as the industry grappled with a recession. However, M5’s founders, with their stellar industry reputations, weathered the storm. Despite the initial hurdles, they steadily grew the business, starting with just two consultants and expanding to a team of 16 to 20 dedicated professionals.

At M5, we’ve always believed in making a meaningful difference while having a good time doing it. Our core values revolve around outworking every vendor our clients have encountered, and we’ve maintained a reputation that speaks for itself. Making a difference and helping our clients achieve long-term success is our driving force. This means focusing on customer retention rather than predatory tactics to boost profits. We understand that our clients’ success is tied to maintaining a loyal customer base, and we work diligently to help them achieve that. With a strong focus on efficiency, and an emphasis on the people who make it all happen – the technicians – we guide our clients to higher levels of performance.

Ultimately, M5’s journey is built on the principles of fun, making a difference, and making a good living, both for ourselves and our employees. We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our team members and understand that true success lies in improving customer loyalty and making our clients more convenient and responsive to their customers. We’ve built our company on a foundation of respect, hard work, and passion for the automotive industry, and our commitment to these values continues to drive our work every day.