Why M5?

We believe in outworking every vendor our clients have ever come into contact with.

The Process of Change

At M5, our approach to change is centered on inclusion and collaboration. When embarking on the process of transformation, we recognize that meaningful change is achieved when it is developed with and for the people involved, not imposed on them. We understand that individuals may be accustomed to long-standing practices and routines, and instead of creating resistance, we aim to foster enthusiasm for change. By actively involving your associates and team members in the evolution of your business practices, we empower them to take ownership of the changes and make it their own. Our goal is to create a positive and collaborative environment that welcomes change as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Together, we can make it their idea and drive lasting, positive impact both for your employees and your business.

Inspire a future where change is not just embraced, but celebrated as a catalyst for lasting success.

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Why should you hire M5?

Selecting a consultant for your business is a pivotal decision, and we understand the complexity of the process. At M5, we don’t shy away from the challenge of addressing your store’s areas of improvement and guiding you toward enhanced performance. Our reputation is built on delivering results and ensuring that our clients see tangible, lasting changes in their operations. It’s essential to recognize that we may not be the right fit for everyone. If your primary focus is quick, short-term profits without prioritizing long-term customer retention, there are other options available. We concentrate on creating enduring success by fostering a culture of retention and improvement. While immediate positive impacts can be witnessed in the early stages of our collaboration, our ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable, long-term results.

We don’t just make promises; our reputation speaks for itself.

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How can we help?

We empower a diverse range of clients, from dealerships to OEMs and corporate businesses, to elevate their fixed operations. With extensive experience and a commitment to customized solutions, we assist those in the parts, service, and collision centers. We believe in challenging the status quo and helping clients select the best techniques for their unique needs. Whether you’re a small, individually-owned dealership or a large, publicly-held operation, we’re here to improve your performance and drive success in fixed operations.

Who can we help?

Whether your service or parts departments need a rejuvenation, have reached a plateau, or aspire to cultivate a culture of sustained profitability and customer loyalty, we are here to assist. We specialize in enhancing operational efficiency, empowering your team to achieve higher earnings, and ensuring an exceptional service experience for your customers every time. If you’re determined to excel in fixed operations, we have the solutions to help you reach your goals.

Who we can’t help.

At M5, we firmly stand against predatory selling practices and the transformation of your staff into relentless ‘selling machines.’ If your sole focus is on immediate profits and short-term gains, we may not be the right consultancy for your needs. If your definition of a successful repair order is synonymous with emptying your customers’ wallets, we’re not the consultants you’re looking for. However, if you prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of both your valued customers and dedicated employees and seek to nurture these relationships, then M5 is here to guide and support you. Our passion lies in facilitating meaningful, enduring transformations, so if you’re ready for this journey, we’re here to help.